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  1. Sobre el huevo está escrito Ex ovo omnia. Por el otro lado encontramos a Anthony van Leeuwenhoek argumentando que los animáculos en el semen buscan el camino a la matriz, donde se portan como semilla: él desestima a los óvulos (inconscientemente presagiando el libro infantil The Wind in the Willows, El viento en los sauces, de Kenneth.
  2. Harvey famously asserted, for example, that ex ovo omnia—all animals come from eggs. Because of this assertion in particular, Harvey is often credited with being the father of ovist preformationism. However, Harvey's ideas about the process .
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  5. —In the progress of science there is an army of observers and experimenters each contributing his share, but the rank and file supply mainly isolated facts, while the ideas take birth in the minds of a few gifted leaders, either endowed with unusual insight, or so favored by circumstances that they reach general conclusions of importance.
  6. ex nihilo nihil fit List of Latin phrases (full) 26 Said of something that has been built from scratch. The title of a short story by H. P. Lovecraft. By virtue of office or position; "by right of office". Often used when someone holds one position by virtue of holding another: for example, the President of France is an ex officio Co-Prince of.

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